There is a lot of pressure from both parents and educational regulatory authorities to make sure students are safe within their premises from internal and external factors. Suraksha solutions offer peace of mind to parents and their children while enabling the following solutions:
1. A round-the-clock IP video management integration, cameras that allow you to watch over any part of the premise and keep a tab on everyone.
2. A visitor management system to monitor people who are part of the institute. Our system thoroughly checks visitor IDs that can instantly detect intruders.
3. Attendance management software to register students and staff activity. This way you can monitor any suspicious behavior.


In recent times, cases of infant abduction from hospitals are at its highest. Patient data is sensitive and a constant target for hackers.Your hospital needs the right security resources (surveillance cameras, visitor records, access barriers) to prevent such cases and take instant action.

The number of risks a healthcare institution faces can be innumerous. Here are just some of them:

  • Manipulation of medical reports online 
  • Hacker attacks on sensitive research and database
  • No control over intruders and vandals 
  • Lack of surveillance over a big vicinity
  • No employee/ visitor database to take instant action 
  • Managing complex shifts with the right access controls

Our first aid solution:

Suraksha Solutions provides a range of integrated IP-based access control products along with biometric terminals and attendance management software. We also provide integrated video management network cameras that are compatible with your current facilities.

Hotels & Restaurants

The key to a successful hospitality business is to make your guests feel comfortable and safe in your premises. A single criminal act on your property could ruin your reputation forever. Hotels need to ensure that their entire staff understands the need to prioritize security always. That’s where we accommodate our customized services to help you leverage yours.

Health clubs can also benefit from our solutions to ease the tedious membership process / details of a plethoric database. Your members can enjoy a more convenient and secure visit to the club without you having to go through layers of paper work. Our management software creates a fully integrated system solution to keep you at par with high technology and efficiency standards.


You have to build a strong security foundation so that clients and employees can rely on you. If your business is not guarded – grave mistakes tend to lead to major downfalls, especially when you’re dealing with heavy-duty equipment. We understand that security is a perpetual issue in the manufacturing industry –hence we help you to:

  • A reliable, efficient, state-of-the-art access control system that integrates with other systems and provides fool-proof security. Your fire alarm, attendance and surveillance system can now be compatible to one another.
  • A time & attendance management system that keeps tab on employees and visitors.
  • A video surveillance with IP video management integration cameras that can easily tap into your access control system, controlling intrusions, theft, accidents and more.


What do top professional organizations have in common? They adapt well to changing customer needs, competitors and new technology. Responding to changes boosts growths and it has been a proven phenomenon amongst corporates time and again. It surely attracts clients and keeps your employees content.

1. Keep a tab on your employees : Integrated attendance management helps you keep a check on your employees without interfering with their day-to-day activities. It gives you a comprehensive report on their attendance and automatically warns late-comers.
2. Be aware of visitors' activity : Visitor management system handles pre-scheduled and unscheduled visits for you. It identifies visitors accurately, maintains a database for future investigation and also plugs in with your access management system easily.
3. Protect organization's confidentiality : Integrated access management system helps you controls who enters the private and confidential areas in the office. This avoids theft and leaks of sensitive corporate information.
4. Detect intruders : Video management integration module help you gain complete control over every nook and corner of your organization. It also instantly alerts you in case of any intrusion or vandalism.


Security, parking and staff management are few of the main factors people look into when choosing a residential society. iSolus understands that managing and combating threats in housing and office societies can be stressful.

  • Manage staff that takes care of the society.
  • Prevent access to certain locations for visitors. We help you to keep a record of who comes in and out of the society.
  • Manage society parking by allotting slots for residents only.
  • Monitor household helpers who come in and out the society everyday.

Retail & Services

Protecting stock against theft and damage is a continuous task that businesses face time and again. Threats to businesses and personal security can arise in all forms – theft, fraud, burglary, fire, vandalism or abuse against staff. Our security solutions protect your hard-earned profits by decreasing inventory loss, improving safety of your stores/employees – thus gradually ensuring delivery of returns on investment.

  • Managing staff through our attendance and access control systems.
  • Tightening security at your office/store.
  • Detecting and alerting suspicious activities such as burglary/vandalism.
  • Managing vehicle and parking access without manual procedures. This helps your employees spend more time on sales than hunt for parking.
  • Allowing you to watch live footage at your store without being physically present throughout video management solution.