Genee Touch Screen

The world is witnessing a fast change in the domain of pedagogy. The typical and conventional classroom has now evolved from the didactic lecturing of past to a fully technology integrated portal which has effectively lent knowledge increment, satisfaction and personality growth to students. This journey from blackboard to whiteboard is now advancing to the ultimate future of technology with the Genee Touch- the Interactive LCD touch-sensitive screen.
Genee Touch is the robust alternative to a whiteboard. An interactive LCD screen, the Genee Touch has all the features and working area of a whiteboard without the projector glare and running costs, lighting reflection or the necessity of closing the blinds. It responds to touch for annotation and application navigation and the response is much more accurate as there is no space between the screen surface and the sensing responder. Good for the environment, easy to mount, it reduces running costs providing all the benefits of a whiteboard.

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