Educational Software

Genee India has been doing exceptional hard work in redefining the parameters of our present education system. By incorporating and effecting fresh technological changes in the educational content and its presentation to the young students nationwide we have been expanding the boundaries of classroom pedagogy. We aim to make education more interactive and the teaching learning process more efficient. Genee India is diligently involved in researching and surveying the educational needs of school going children and is deeply engaged in developing educational software for all aspects of education like teaching and learning processes, management of classrooms and schools, creating educational software for small kids and developing K-12 study material pack for students of all ages.
Our educational software products are developed and tailored specifically to work in conjunction with Genee PowerBoards, Visualisers and Student Response Systems. Genee's highly demanded products like ClassComm and Cens-Us are used to assess students' performance instantly via interactive questionnaires by Genee Pads. Take a look at Genee's vast range of educational software products.

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